Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the latest and greatest.

want a new job. or at least more money for my current one. want a new boss. or at least more money to tolerate my current one.

Friday, January 29, 2010


i'm still at work. yes, it's 7 pm. yes, it's friday night. yes, i was going to go to the ward dance with DJ iPod. yes, i eat Wendy's pretty much every day. yes, i don't give a flying fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. sorry, i don't use that expression, let alone spell it very often, so i had to give it a try to see what it looked it.

latest celeb gossip...hmm...well, if you consider latest as in the past two years that i haven't posted about celebrities then holy shiz. again, i had to type that word out. but i actually do use it more often. anyways, latest celeb gossip...hmm, let me think, let me think.

pretty sure i posted about the death of heath ledger...wow, was that two years ago?! what else? uh...justin timberlake broke up with jessica biel. samantha ronson and lindsay lohan, uh snore. no one cares. but obviously i cared enough to mention it in this post. wow, maybe i will have to dive into MSN entertainment archives and plagiarism <-- typed "plagerize" so i could use the spell check on mozilla and it gave me plagiarism. so i inserted that instead.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let Tiger Roar

So I worked on an opinion editorial paper with a friend of mine last night. We were supposed to write about a current issue being discussed in the media. He thought maybe we should write on illegal immigrants, healthcare, the Haiti issue. I chose the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal. Just proof of why I write this blog. I'm shallow that way. When people say keep up with current events, I do. The celeb ones. No doi <--tribute to Ashlie for continuously trying to bring back that phrase. I need to remember to incorporate it more often in my daily vocabulary.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Look Who's Bizack

Young hova. That's who. It's been a little over a year since my last blog post. Ridic. Yep, I said "ridic" as in the shortened version of "ridiculous, OMG, shut-up!, etc." So much has happened within the world of celebrity in 2009. I am a wee bit embarrassed that since I grew up and got a real job, sort of...er...flexible on the "grew up" part, my interest/obsession of celebs has diminished. Not entirely, but a good majority of my work day was camping out on MSN.com Entertainment, and occasionally VH1 Best Week Ever if someone sent me a valuable link. And I also cut off my internet from my BlackBerry (those of you who know the nickname for that phone, I would have inserted it, but it would have probably caused offense to one of my three readers...ok probably no offense, but my blog is public!) Anyways, since I cut off my internet from my phone, I no longer can avoid the awkward run in with the people I am friends with on Facebook but wouldn't dare dreaming of saying "hi" in real life. You know you do that too. What was my point? Oh ya, I used to use my phone internet to go on MSN.com Entertainment while in passing of an "acquaintance" to avoid them, but now I just have to fake text. That's right, if you sort of know me, but not really, and you've seen me whip out my phone, without saying hi to you, FAKE TEXT! So I guess I'm re-entering the blog world. Maybe when I get married, I'll write a more serious "blog" about my wonderful, married life and post pictures of the marital bliss weight that we gain. NOT. Blogging about shallow celebs is so much more fun. Maybe when I finally tie the knot, I'll blog about married/cheating/sometimes-on-sometimes-off celebs. The latest? Jake and Reese are off. Ok, not latest, but still, sad.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick Underwear Commercials

I hate the commercials where they have the girls dancing around in the underwear, doing flips and all sorts of weird acrobatic moves. It's disgusting and creepy to watch. I mean, first of all, these models/underwear dancers are a bunch of nobodies with figures that I want. And secondly, they are dancing around, advertising for underwear sold at Wal-Mart (no offense, but Vicki's and Gap Body make the quality stuff). Weird.

Monday, November 17, 2008

the hills

don't ask me why I love the hills...why Monday nights at 11:00 pm MST is devoted only to channel 53 and nothing else, not even a channel switch during the commercials...why their awkward facial expressions take up about 15 minutes of the show...why my relationship mirrors Audrina and Justin Bobby's...why justin bobby is the sexiest advice giver/wherever the wind blows and part time tool...and ultimately why spencer is a douche with a "flesh colored beard" (seriously, whoever coined that phrase was a genius)...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

best week ever

i wish i was funny enough to be on best week ever. or at least write for their web site. their thing about the short celebrity men? genius. how LC is an in-the-closet-homosexual with a 'stache shadow? slightly insulting (because I heart the Hills), but still hilarious.